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Our Hometown Collection

Our Home Town collection features custom designed “entering town” bracelet tops for our Exclusive Stellor Omega interchangeable bracelet. These “Stellor” bracelet tops are all meticulously designed and made in America’s Hometown Jewelry store right in downtown historic Plymouth Mass. . 

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Birthstones and What Signify

Birthstones and What they Signify!  Every month has a birthstone, some have two, a faceted (cut) and non-faceted (smooth) stone to represent that month. Each stone has a unique and symbolic meaning which in some cases dates back to ancient history.  Follow this exploration into each birthstone and what properties the wearer will receive by…

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Valentine’s Day Love and Jewelry

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as early as the Middle Ages, where in France and England,  February 14th was commonly believed to be the beginning of the bird’s mating season ; which helped promote the idea that the day should be a day of romance. Jewelry and Love have been unified for years to symbolize…

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Plymouth Lighthouse Jewelry

Plymouth Harbor’s beacon of light,  also known as “Bug Light” was built in 1871 on the north side of the main channel in Plymouth Harbor. This historical and unique shaped lighthouse was used to mark off the dangerous shoal off Saquish Head. “Bug Light” is America’s first Caisson style light house. This beautiful landmark has…

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