The Simple Facts About Pearl Restringing

pearlspicThe Simple Facts About Pearl  Restringing


Whole_Lotta_PearlsPearls are worn for special occasions or daily but  they do require care to keep them at their best. Don’t wait for them to break to restring them; the more often they are worn, the more frequent they should be restrung. Pearls strands most often are strung on silk which means they are exposed to our body oils, cosmetics and daily wear and tear. It is time to restring your pearls if you notice any discoloration in the knots, or too much play between the knots and of course in the event of a break. Too much play between knots is a sign the strand has stretched out. When you do have the pearls restrung, you may notice a slight difference in length because when properly restrung, the knots will be tight against each pearl.  Most pearl strands are knotted and this is done to prevent all the pearls from coming off if the strand breaks. Fortunately only one pearl will come off, unlike those movies where the strand comes to a dramatic fall,  pearls strewn everywhere (these were obviously un -knotted in between). Knotted strands also allow the pearls to shine in their own individuality accented with a knot to distinguish each ones beauty.  Pearls are natural and therefore should only be cleaned by a professional, not kept in any air tight containers and stored lying flat to keep the strand from unnecessary stretching.  These are just a few simple facts that will help you wear and maintain your pearls for years to come.