Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Molds

We love Art! It is the embodiment of expression. We are passionate about bringing these emotions to our clients through our one-of-a-kind pieces, limited collections, and our production lines.

The custom jewelry design process begins with a concept. Our inspiration is born from influences ranging from organic forms in nature, art, architecture, and personal inspiration. We then move on to making hand drawn renderings and sketches providing us with a blueprint for the next step. Using ancient techniques 1000’s of years old coupled with modern and vintage tools, we then set out to capture the detail and flowing lines in our “miniature sculptures”.

Finished RingOne of our amazing processes involves setting out by hand carving a solid block of wax into a 3 dimensional model of what we expect the final product to be in size, and shape. Then the wax model is cast in one of the noble metals (silver, gold or platinum) using lost wax casting. Finally the casting is finished by hand tooling minute details and polishing and finishing with any type of textures and set with diamonds or gemstones.

We love Custom Jewelry so much, it’s in our name. Sharing our one of a kind miniature sculptures and wearable art is a dream come true and we are so honored to be able to help our clients build their own personal collections.