Valentine’s Day Love and Jewelry

intertwined love custom sterling silver heart bracelet14 Kt yellow gold birthstone custom double heart pendantValentine’s Day has been celebrated as early as the Middle Ages, where in France and England,  February 14th was commonly believed to be the beginning of the bird’s mating season ; which helped promote the idea that the day should be a day of romance. Jewelry and Love have been unified for years to symbolize the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The oldest know Valentine viewable on record is a poem from 1415. In America, in 1840 Esther Howland is considered the first mass produced seller of Valentines, she sold elaborate creations with lace and ribbons to symbolize love. Valentine’s Day is currently celebrated in The United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Canada, and Japan.  Valentine’s Day is also according to Hallmark ( the Card makers) considered the procrastinators holiday because 50% of people purchase cards six days prior to the holiday.  The good news is,  its not too late to celebrate Valentine’s day with a symbol of love and affection that is timeless and is for lovers of all ages….Jewelry.

Jewelry is defined as a decorative object that people wear on their body for personal adornment, cultural reasons or symbolic nature. In Egypt, as far as 3,000 years ago, rings were used as symbolism for love. Egyptians viewed the circle as a symbol of eternity, and the ring served to signify the never ending love between a couple.  They also believed in wearing a symbolic ring on the ring finger of the left hand because they thought it has a special vein connected from that finger,  directly to the heart.  Jewelry is still the most symbolic statement of love and the perfect Valentine’s day gift. Show the world your love and devotion and celebrate your relationship with a gift of  jewelry.