What is Argentium Silver?

Tarnish free Silver? Can it be possible? It is now! We now have a super silver alloy called Argentium. Gone is the abundance of copper in traditional sterling silver. Argentium SilverIt has been replaced with the element germanium. Still known as sterling silver but with a slightly higher silver content, Argentium makes possible a virtually tarnish free super white silver, which is harder, brighter and whiter with no “fire scale” (a reddish haze common in copper/silver alloy and almost impossible to remove without harsh chemicals and detail ruining polishing.) This wonderful new alloy was created by Peter Johns in 1990.

Top designers are using Argentium. At Stellor Custom Jewelry, Stephen Michael uses Argentium silver in many of his popular and exclusive designs, like our “Stellor Spirals”, “Plymouth Knot” collection and custom wearable works of art. What does this mean for you? Designs created in Argentium are guaranteed to be produced in the “finest” Silver in the world.