Top Two-Tone Trends In Jewelry – Plymouth Knot Collection

The Top Fall trends in Jewelry are two-tone combination metals which are displayed in the Plymouth Knot collection.

Fall is coming which means you will be wearing a lot of blacks, browns, and grays in your wardrobe. The perfect way to compliment these colors is the combination of Sterling Silver and 14Kt yellow gold in jewelry. Silver and Gold looks absolutely perfect when paired together. The two- tone metal colors are the new neutral that adds flare to any outfit, whether dress up or casual.


At Stellor Custom Jewelry, we designed an exclusive two- tone collection called Plymouth Knot Jewelry. The entire collection incorporates the warm tone of the 14Kt yellow gold while accentuating the cool classic color of Sterling Silver; making it a classic fashion line of jewelry.  The Plymouth Knot collection celebrates the rich nautical history of Plymouth, Massachusetts where it was designed.

Plymouth was the number one rope manufacturer in the world in the nineteen century. This elegant design has earrings, bracelets and necklaces to fit all your jewelry desires. Wearing the combination of Sterling and Gold jewelry opens up the possibilities of pulling together separate gold or silver individual pieces, not only making it practical but fashionable. Styles in fashion are ever changing, stay ahead of the trend by incorporating both metals. Check out our exclusive line of Plymouth Knot Jewelry where you can celebrate history while making a fashion statement.

14 Kt yellow gold and Sterling Silver Knot time collection , earrings, necklaces